Network and bandwidth monitoring with darkstat

I was searching for a networking monitor solution and found http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20020521011343792

Darkstat's source code is available at http://unix4lyfe.org/darkstat/ After starting it runs as a daemon in the background.
mike@mikembp:~$ sudo darkstat -i en0
It binds itself to the TCP port 667 which can be changed and also other things:
mike@mikembp:~$ darkstat --help
darkstat 3.0.718 (using libpcap version 1.1.1)

usage: darkstat [ -i interface ]
                [ -f filter ]
                [ -r capfile ]
                [ -p port ]
                [ -b bindaddr ]
                [ -l network/netmask ]
                [ --base path ]
                [ --local-only ]
                [ --snaplen bytes ]
                [ --pppoe ]
                [ --syslog ]
                [ --verbose ]
                [ --no-daemon ]
                [ --no-promisc ]
                [ --no-dns ]
                [ --no-macs ]
                [ --no-lastseen ]
                [ --chroot dir ]
                [ --user username ]
                [ --daylog filename ]
                [ --import filename ]
                [ --export filename ]
                [ --pidfile filename ]
                [ --hosts-max count ]
                [ --hosts-keep count ]
                [ --ports-max count ]
                [ --ports-keep count ]
                [ --highest-port port ]
                [ --wait secs ]
                [ --hexdump ]
                [ --version ]
                [ --help ]

Additional resources, info:
https://thejimmahknows.com/network-monitoring-ntop-vs-darkstat/ http://slackblogs.blogspot.com/2011/06/monitor-traffic-usage-using-darkstat.html


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